The Hares and the Frogs

By Aesop

All the hares in the great forest were called together for a meeting. Their elders had decided on the get together so that they could discuss their miserable fate. They just had too many enemies; men, dogs, beasts and birds of prey all hunted the hare for food, and they lacked the means to defend themselves. They had no great jaws full of sharp teeth, like some dogs or the wolf; they had no great claw with sharp nails, such as the bear; they didn’t have spikes on their back, like the hedgehog, that would stop a predator. They were desperate and decided they could just not go on any longer being persecuted and hunted. The only way out, they resolved, was to go and commit mass suicide. Nearby was a deep pool, and the decided they would just all jump in there together and drown, putting an end to their misery once and for all.

A large colony of frogs lived in the pool, and some of them were basking in the sunshine on the bank, when there was a terrible racket of the hares rushing towards the pool. Startled, the frogs croaked in anguish, and jumped in the water, hiding themselves. One of the older and wiser hares, who was leading the charge towards the pool, saw this and stopped. He raised his paws in the air. “Friends”, he shouted, “Stop! Let’s reconsider. Things are not quite as bad as they seem, here are some creatures who are actually afraid of us, so we are not the lowest of the low after all!”