The Fox and the Crow

By Aesop

It was a fine summer’s day and fox was out for a stroll when he spotted a crow sitting on a high branch of a tree. The fox couldn’t help but notice that the crow had in his beak a very large chunk of cheese! The fox being a crafty fox, and the fact that he’d not yet had his breakfast, decide that this was too good an opportunity to miss, and sat down at the foot of the tree. He watched the crow as he thought to come up with a ruse which would deliver the cheese to him. The crow eyed him suspiciously, being very much aware of the fox’s reputation. But she considered herself quite safe, as it is well known that foxes do not climb trees.

“My my”, said the fox at last, looking up towards the crow, “What a magnificent noble bird I see before me! Your beauty is indeed without equal, mistress, and the effect of the sunlight on your feathers is surely beyond compare! I heard from my friends that it is your voice, however, that is your finest attribute, and I have been longing to hear you sing!”

Now the crow had never really given much thought to the quality of her voice, but she was mightily flattered by the fox’s compliments. As a result she forgot all about her suspicions, and threw caution to the wind. She opened her mouth, and started singing a tune, as loudly as she could: “caw craw craw!” As soon as she did so, of course, down fell the cheese, and the fox put her paw over it. “Well, mistress, you do indeed have a fine voice”, he called out to her, “if only your brain was quite as sharp!”