Jupiter and the Monkey

By Aesop

Jupiter was the king of heaven and earth and the big boss of all the gods of Mount Olympus. Every now and then, when they were not busy making up new rules for people to live by, the gods would think up little games to amuse themselves. So it was that one day Jupiter called together all the animals and proclaimed that he would give a prize to the one who produced the most beautiful offspring. All the animals were very excited, so off home they ran and jumped and skipped and slithered and flew and swam to get their babies to be judged by the great Jupiter.

Ma monkey brought her baby along, its hair hadn’t started growing yet, its eyes were still closed, and its nose was as flat as a pancake. When the gods saw this poor little creature they all instantaneously burst out laughing uncontrollably, they just couldn’t help themselves. But Ma monkey didn’t take any notice. She gave her little baby a cuddle, and planted a big kiss on its flat nose. “You gods can laugh as much as you like,” she said, “and I don’t care who gets the prize, but as far as I’m concerned, my baby will always be the most beautiful baby of them all!”